Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the inspiration behind this tournament?

The theme of the tournament, Charlie's Perfect Math Class, is heavily inspired by the music video "チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室" (ENG: Cirno's Perfect Math Class), by ARM/IOSYS, which in turn is an arrangement of the song "おてんば恋娘" (ENG: Beloved Tomboyish Daughter) by ZUN found in 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

How difficult will the tournament be?

This tournament is designed for top players exclusively. Difficulty will be among the highest seen in 1v1 tournaments.
Bracket stage mappools are roughly equivalent to 8 stars NM1 in difficulty.

How do I sign up for the tournament?

You will find the sign up form on the top right of this page.

Where do I find the tournament discord?

The tournament discord is only accessible to those participating.

Do I have to join the tournament discord if I want to play?

Yes. Joining the tournament Discord is mandatory, since qualifiers sign ups will take place there. This will be part of the sign up process.

How do I enter a qualifier lobby?

Information regarding qualifier lobbies will be provided to players in the tournament discord in due course.

Match procedure

How does striking and counterpicking work?

Each mappool has been divided into starters and counterpicks. At the beginning of each match, after a mappool has been selected, the first map will be picked by striking.

  • In striking, players will take turns removing maps from the starter mappool, until only one map remains. The remaining map will be picked as the first map in a match. The player who rolls higher will begin striking.
    • The striking order is as follows: Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 2 -> Player 1

After the first map has been played, the loser of the first map will get to pick out of all maps in the pool (except the map that was played first). From here on, the loser of each played map will pick next. This is referred to as counterpicking.

Why do we use striking and counterpicking?

Striking and counterpicking is to ensure that the winning player does not exit the match by having picked more maps than the losing player. Since the first map serves as an arbiter on who begins picking first, the winning player will be guaranteed to not have had an advantage in number of picks by the end of the match. Due to matches only being best of 9, it is of utmost importance to ensure there is no advantage in number of maps picked.

How are players being seeded in the qualifiers?

  • Players will be seeded using a variation of the Zipfian distribution, please see this document for more information.


Why are there three mappools, what does that mean?

There will be three mappools used simultaneously in both group stage and bracket matches. At the beginning of each match one will be selected to be used for the entire match. The two other mappools are discarded. This is to ensure not only variety throughout the bracket, but also to ensure balance due to the small number of maps in each mappool.

When will mappools be released?

Mappools will be released a week before their respective matches or lobbies. More accurate schedules will be provided closer to the timing of each release.


Which bracket matches will be streamed? How many bracket matches will be streamed?

This will be communicated shortly before each stream. This information will be highly volatile and up for change, as matches as played consecutively.