Information & Rules

This is the place to view the information and the rules of Charlie's Perfect Math Class. Make sure to read them in full!



  • Format: ScoreV2, Head to Head, Double Elimination
  • Failed scores will be counted
  • This tournament will be open rank.
    • The expected star rating difficulty of the tournament is approximately 8 stars. Please only sign up if you intend to play the tournament.
    • Players with an extremely low rank may need to go through additional procedures to enter.
  • No staff members are allowed to participate in the tournament.
  • The tournament is seeded through qualifiers.
  • The number of qualified players will be 32 players.
  • Joining the tournament discord is mandatory for all players. This will be a part of the signup process.
  • All matches in both the group stage and bracket stage are Best of 9.
  • Players ineligible for tournament play will have their registration removed through the screening process.
  • Top 16 players will be required to provide payment information in the form of a PayPal email so that prize money can be distributed.


  • There will be 8 maps, each played only once, following the order of the mappool sheet.
  • The break given between maps will be 120 seconds or when everyone in the lobby is ready, whichever is earlier.
    • Failure to comply will result in a force start.
  • Mid-map disconnections will count as failed scores.
  • You are allowed to participate in only one qualifier lobby.
    • Submitting scores in multiple qualifier lobbies may result in disqualification from the tournament.

Group stage

  • The top 32 players from qualifiers will be seeded into the group stage.
  • There will be 8 groups of 4, with each group playing in a round robin format.
    • In a round robin format, each player plays against every other player once. The group is ranked by number of match wins with the following tiebreaks:
      • Wins versus tied participants
      • Total maps won
      • Qualifier placement
      • Coinflip
        • Ties will be resolved by first finding a winner(s)/loser(s) from the tie in accordance to tiebreak order, and then redoing the tiebreak procedure until all leftover ties are resolved.
    • The player placing 1st in each group will begin the Bracket stage in the winners bracket.
    • The player placing 2nd in each group will begin the Bracket stage in the losers bracket.
  • Group stage will be played on June 25-26 and July 2-3. It will not be streamed. Matches may be rescheduled to preceding weekdays.


  • Bracket will be double elimination, seeded through the group stage results, with half of the players starting in winners bracket, and the other half in losers bracket
    • More details for the bracket to be determined.
  • Bracket matches up to top 4 will be played on July 9 (Saturday) starting at 14UTC. Select matches will be streamed.
  • The remaining bracket matches will be played on July 10 (Sunday) starting at 14UTC. All matches on Sunday will be streamed, so matches will be played one at a time.
  • The expected runtime for both days is 3-5 hours. Maximum estimated runtime is 7 hours.
  • Players who forfeit or are disqualified may at the discretion of the organizers be barred from claiming prize money. In the case of this happening, the leftover prize pool may be distributed among the players not disqualified in accordance to the percentage of prize money they receive. This is subject to change at any point.
  • Bracket reset is in place for grand finals

Match Rules And Procedure

  • Referees will create a lobby when it is the player's turn to play.
  • If 10 minutes pass without a player showing up, the player will forfeit the match.
  • There will be no warmups.
  • Players will select a mappool (see mappool section) by first choosing a mappool to ban, and then informing the referee of their choice. The referee will then inform the players of which mappool has been selected.
  • Once the mappool has been selected, players will roll. The player with the higher roll will begin striking*
    • *Striking: Both players remove maps from the starter mappool in the striking order. The final map left unstruck will be selected as the first pick of the match. (Strikes are NOT bans, struck maps may be picked again later) There will be 5 maps in the starter mappool.
      • *Striking order: Player 1 -> Player 2 -> Player 2 -> Player 1
  • All maps picked then-on will be picked by the loser of each previously played map. This is referred to as counterpicking. There will be 6 maps exclusive to the counterpicks mappool.
    • You can counterpick from both the starter and counterpick mappool
    • You are not allowed to pick a map that has already been played*
      • *In cases where a map is tied in score, neither player will receive a point and the map may be picked again.
  • There will be no tiebreaker.
  • There will be no map bans.
  • If a player were to disconnect mid-map, their opponent is entitled to a default win over that point, but may decline their default point win and choose to replay the map.
  • In situations unspecified by the rules, the match referee will decide the course of action and possible remedies.


  • All players are expected to compete with the intention of performing to the best of their ability. Players who intentionally handicap themselves or play in a manner deemed disrespectful by the tournament organizers may be subject to disqualification.
  • Players are expected to behave appropriately and sportsmanlike in both the tournament discord server as well as ingame.
  • Any players found cheating either by the organisers or by osu! staff will be immediately disqualified and their potential prizes forfeited.


  • Group stage: Reschedules permitted. Matches may be played anytime during the weekend.
  • Bracket stage: Reschedules NOT permitted. All matches will take place consecutively from 14 UTC. Players will know which order they will play in*; additionally, referees will aim to notify players 5-10 minutes in advance.
    • *The match order will be specified in the bracket.



  • There will be one mappool.
  • The qualifiers mappool will have 8 maps.
  • All maps will be played in order, once only.

Group stage

  • There will be three mappools.

Bracket stage

  • There will be three mappools.
    • All maps will be custom maps of Featured Artist songs.

Mappool Information

  • At the start of each match, both players will ban a mappool. Players must inform their choice to the referee privately.
    • If both players ban different mappools, the remaining mappool will be played.
    • If both players ban the same mappool, the referee will use the “!roll 2” command to pick out of the remaining mappools. The chosen mappool will be selected in listing order, disregarding the banned mappool.
  • Mappools can be found on the mappool section of the CPMC website
  • Mappools will be in non-consistent format.
  • Group stage and bracket mappools will have 11 maps each.
  • Mappools will be divided into 5 starters and 6 counterpicks. (See match rules and procedure section)
  • Mod pools such as Freemod and Forcemod will be specified more clearly within the mappool legend found among each mappool.

Please note that the rules may be changed by the tournament organisers (within reason). Significant changes will be announced on the Discord server.